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Reinventing a 250 year old brand

To introduce a new generation to the art of hand embroidery, the 250 year old French textiles manufacturing company DMC launched a consumer facing brand called Commonthread.


Our Task

Create a product and content marketing strategy to sell DMC Embroidery Floss to the new target millennial demographic.  


Collab Collective Services

Through creative ideation and mind-mapping sessions with the executive team, DMC was able to have full access to Collab’s full suite of creative services and collective brain trust.


What we Made

Collab looked for unusual techniques and opportunities within the market that were simple, while also being fun and engaging. We discovered a timeless craft from Japan called Kumihimo, and manufactured laser cut Kumihimo discs to be sold with DMC Embroidery Floss to create the infamous and ever popular friendship bracelets. We launched a comprehensive content marketing strategy to market the disc as a kit.  The kit turned into a photo studio so the customer could share their work in progress #WIP on Instagram. The kit included DIY friendship bracelet patterns, including links to how-to kumihimo videos.


Rapid Product Prototyping

As we continued to work with DMC, and analyze the market trends in the crafting industry, we uncovered more ways to engage customers.  We began to host events to test product ideas and rapidly iterated products after the events. We uncovered interesting ways to create more use cases for DMC's current product line, which helped increase market share.  Among one of our favorites was the wood embroidery card series to teach the younger generation the art of embroidery.

We also created a value added packaging system, designed to give the customer a way to store and catalog their DMC supplies.


How we Made It

By using Collab’s in-house fabrication tools, DMC was able to manufacture small quantities of products to test at events and gain real time user feedback and iterate quickly. The team became inspired by the Festool organizationa storage system and used it as inspiration for new DMC packaging. 


The Impact

  • 25% lift in revenue
  • 1050+ unique #WIP mentions
  • 68% increase to dedicated website pages
  • 2,500 hand laser cut corrugated cardboard packaging sets created
  • 3 organic press placements in Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Garden, and Maker Magazine



Video Work