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Electric Doodle


Electric Doodle

Electric Doodle:  New York Hall of Science


New York Hall of Science approached Collab to create an experience that would promote Maker Faire at the Museum.


Our Task

Create an experience that combines the educational elements that New York Hall of Science presents, with a fun and interactive family activity, promoting Maker Faire.


What we Made

An installation that combined an educational experience and a branded Maker Faire take home piece. We created a booth called Electric Doodle, and marketed it as a new way to create art by doodling in the dark. The booth combined electronics, photography and art so visitors could draw a design in the dark booth. Kids took the  with their clothespin and LED light and the booth would capture it using slow shutter speeds of the installed camera and print the final doodle onto a Maker Faire branded paper.


How we Made It

By using an LED (Light-Emitting-Diode), a battery, and a simple everyday clothes-pin, you can Doodle in the dark!


The Impact

Kids and adults found the experience mesmerizing, fun and entertaining.  So much so that lines during the 3 weekends of the installation were more than an hour long every day.